Hi, it’s nice to meet you!

I’m Lindsay, a nutrition and dietetic technician from Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and I’m excited to talk about food with you!

I’ve always been passionate about what I eat, and after overcoming my own wellness obstacles using nutrition, my curiosity and desire to heal lead me to complete my Associates degree in nutrition and dietetics at Milwaukee Area Technical College.

While completing my degree at MATC, I learned a variety of skills including nutrition counseling, medical nutrition therapy, and food service management. My medical nutrition therapy field experience was completed at the West Allis Fire Department, where I learned and practiced skills to be a community health advocate and nutrition counselor. At Ascension Hospital in Franklin, Wi, I completed my food service management field experience where I practiced skills in professional leadership and management.

Recently, my relationship with food has changed a lot. Becoming aware of what I put into my body is now extremely important to me. I spent most of my earlier years feeling sick, drained of energy, and wishing there was something or someone who could fix my problem, whatever that was. I went to so many doctors, but none of them had a healthy solution. As a result, it took years before I started to learn how to use nutrition as a tool to increase my health and how I feel everyday. Now, my goal is to help others find solutions to their wellness problems.

After almost ten years of studying nutrition and graduating with my Associates degree, I am on a mission to be a health role model and advocate for myself and others, and to live a happier and healthier life starting with nutritious food.